4 Benefits Of Learning Simulations

In the attempt to crack the best learning practices for the workplace, we are always trying to combine as many successful proven methods as possible to accomplish better learning. A successful learning curve, one that keeps a good ratio between the time spent on learning and knowledge retention, can always be optimized. There are many tools that support this, and new ones appear every day. In this article we will talk about the benefits of learning simulations, a classic tool that is being revamped to fit the modern work environment.

The process of simulating a scenario to practice different responses and actions to a real life situation, is extremely effective in knowledge retention. This is because knowledge isn’t in theory – the user needs to apply it in a real-life situation. Adding a simulation to the learning process can either “seal the deal” or simply act as the real-time practice many employees long for. Simulations are a proven and useful tool to improve learning as well as a tool that creates a safe and enjoyable learning environment, where experimentation and failure are possible, something that is often missed when we talk about workplace learning.

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