Articulate Rise

Like a lot of us in the elearning industry you’ve probably found yourself a little curious about Articulate 360’s new cloud-based responsive content authoring software, optimistically dubbed ‘Rise’.

What can it do? What can’t it do? Is it easy to use and is the output truly responsive? How is it different from Articulate Storyline and how might we integrate it into our technology mix when identifying the best solution for our clients?

These were the questions floating around the office following Rise’s launch so I figured I’d dive in and take a look. I explored all of the key functions and created a mock course on a subject I know well so I could just focus on the tool, then followed that up by recreating one of our blog posts.

It was an interesting process to use mock content like a blog post as it changes the feel of the blog. I should also mention we haven’t actually reviewed this R&D work in the way we would QA the work we do for our clients, but happy to share it in the spirit of ‘working out loud’ (view it here). Or if you are more interested in a more comprehensive demonstration of Rise’s features (and/or rock n roll), see this build here.

I also shared my creations with our team of developers, instructional designers, graphic designers and account managers, and asked for their input. What follows are our key takeaways.

Full review: