First of all, I support and encourage any company or institution in reaching their goals in the educational field, and I offer the top notch eLearning solutions and consultancies to help them. That is achieved by dedicating all resources into building an eLearning course that satisfies the needs of the client, engaging for the user and using the newest techniques and tools on the market. Following the trends in the education, design, and the technology trends, I am committed to deliver you the project built with passion and knowledge. Personally, striving to achieve new tactics, learning and upgrading ourselves into the field and follow the trends in the industry, as well as achieving positive relations and future cooperation with the clients is the main target.


Enaspot will be the implementer of the online education in the region, as well as leading company in the field. Full company staff composed of experts in different fields that would work on further developing of learning content, educationally and technologically. Fully concentrated on the gamification process of the learning materials, as one of the new trends that has the biggest tendency to become leading tool for delivering eLearning content, creating learning game and developing our skills is one of our goals for the near future. Second of the goals for the future is our Virtual Reality learning program, a combination of gamification of the learning, presented through virtual reality.