Recently I was invited to do a short test for a software simulation project. The software simulation was regular, nothing special, until one screen appeared and the user was supposed to select 3 items at once. Normally, in the software it can be done with holding the CTRL button and clicking on the items, but in Articulate Storyline is not possible a simulation to be created without any coding. I remember I was trying to solve this problem (as well as SHIFT + CLICK) many years ago, but back then I was not familiar with JavaScript and I didn’t found a solution. Right now, I looked for help online and I was not able to find the exact solution still, but I found some similar codes and merged them into one JavaScript, plus added 1-2 lines by myself so it is fully functional and it is working properly in the course. On the slides where holding ctrl is needed, there is an indicator showing is the ctrl key pressed or not, so you can check how it works (see image below). The .story file, as well as the code is available for download, and the preview link, of course.

Download .story file:
Download / View .js file:

PS: The content from the .js file should be copied into an Execute JavaScript trigger when timeline starts on the slide where you need this and add the condition If keypress is equal to true (in my case the variable is called keypess) in the “moving forward” action.

PPS: The procedure for SHIFT is the same, just change the keycode from 17 (ctrl) to 16 (shift) in the keypress == 17 function in the JavaScript.