This lecture is part from one of the most recent courses I have worked on. First work with this client, so it was a little tricky will he like it. Anyway, at the end the course was accepted and everybody was satisfied and the client announced our longer collaboration. The overall layout is minimalistic, purposely. Only 4 colors were used for the course to be built. The menu and navigation are manually created and there are actually more than 1 #Trick in this course, but most of them are already seen in some of my previous courses (Custom Menu, Custom Pause/Play Button…), and for the first time we are introducing the Custom Volume Control #Trick. I was desperately looking for a solution, and somehow I managed to find an article, written by Godwin Vinny Carole for the Swift eLearning Services’ Blog. The process is very easy, and actually this was the only solution (out of maybe 10 total solutions I found online) that was actually working in practice. Read how to do it by clicking here, everything is precisely explained.