Great cooperation, one of the best. We are continuing to work together on other projects and I am really happy about it.

Kevin - KLV Consulting

Marko is a top notch freelancer. He stayed patient with me during seemingly impossible deadlines while providing perfect work. Great communication, too. Will def use again.

James - Dallas Flash

Great contractor, fast with attention to detail, he know exactly what was needed to get the job done and overcome any issues.

John - QParis

Marko was great. Invaluable resource, hard working. Looking forward to working with him again.

Ashwin - InquisitHealth

I enjoyed working with Marko, he delivered the project extremely quickly, quicker than I expected and to a very high standard. He used his own creativity to enhance the development and communicated regularly and clearly all the way through the project. I would hire him again.

Carey - Real Results Training Ltd.

I would recommend Marko Stojkovski very highly. There is also a high probability I will work with him on upcoming projects. He was wonderful and worked at an amazing pace.

Karen - MAP Communications Inc.

Thanks for everything Marko. You have been great. Hopefully we can work again soon…

Garry - The TipDesk

Marko is fantasic. Very responsive, work is top quality, always avaliable, meets deadlines – Can’t ask for a better person.

Joanne - The TipDesk

Marko has successfully completed my project. He has a quick turn around time & is nice to work with.

Anja - AKticon

Marko helped me on a critical project at midnight his time. He really went above and beyond! Thanks!

Marko is always willing to go above and beyond the requirements of a job to be sure the client is happy with the results. I really appreciate his great attitude. Also, the course he created looks very spiffy! We are even entering it into a contest. Thanks, Marko!

Marko took a lot of initiative to make our course the best it could be, coming up with inventive solutions to some of the problems we faced. He has strong Storyline skills and the final course looks great! I enjoyed working with Marko and would recommend him.

Ellen - Power eLearning

Marko created varied, interactive, and intelligent sample e-Learning courses for our project. They were all of extremely high quality. We are currently shifting into semi-hibernation mode, but look forward to working again with him in the future.

Ranjeeth - GigAversity

Marko is brilliant, fast and flexible. Awesome freelancer. Hired again and again! Great job. Thanks!

Joanne - Cleveland Clinic

A good communicator in English. Marko achieved the standard of work that we set and made changes we asked for. We were satisfied with his work.

Phil - Lexicon Business English Ltd.

Freelancer worked with me for as long as it took to get the job right without increasing cost, despite the fact that issues were related to technology changes and nothing to do with him. Great job, great price! I will work with Marko again.

Marko is a very professional freelancer. He gets the job done quickly and seamlessly. He carries out additional tasks to make the experience better for his customers. I highly recommend Marko and have used him many times for many projects.

My third or forth time working with Marko and there will be many more I hope. A great service provider.

Patricia -

Marko was very cooperative and eager to work and understood the project well.
In general his work was good and I may consider hiring Marko again for putting together eLearning presentations which seem to be his main skill set.

Martin - 54 Solutions

Marko was very helpful in solving my problem quickly. I would highly recommend.

Ryan - Scotia Bank

Marko is knowledgeable, fast working and skilled Camtasia editor. Thank you Marko!

Steve - Al's Channel

Great job. Great attention to detail.

Patricia - BuildMyBrief

Very dependable and excellent at communication!

Monique - Talance

Excellent provider!

Ryan - Liquid Trends

Will definitely hire Marko again.

Jennifer - Zoom

Marko has been a real pro, great hire!!!!

Jonathan - TravPro Mobile

This genuinely a clean sweep. I cannot find fault with Marko. Make sure he was in contact communication, following up with me and making sure he both understood the requirements and was delivering what I wanted. He also did work to a high standard and very quickly. This impressed me because it was payment by the hour. He didn’t drag out the work, he did it as fast and he was able. He’s on my watch list now.

Chris - Upright